Intervention Services

Addiction Interventions

Ideally our loved ones will realize that they need help and seek it out for themselves. Unfortunately, sometimes addiction is so powerful that we can't wait for our loved one to come to this conclusion. Addiction is often described as a "family disease," and indeed the entire family is always impacted by what its members are going through. We use this systemic way of thinking when we approach intervention work.

The intervention process typically works as follows:

1. We will meet with members of the family to discuss concerns regarding the person who is battling addiction and assess whether a formal intervention is warranted at this time. We will also discuss family dynamics and other pertinent information at this time.

1.a. Whether a formal intervention seems appropriate or not at this time, we will continue to meet with the family for therapy and work with them regarding how best to navigate the difficult situation they are facing. There are often behavioral changes that the family can make which will improve the situation without the use of a formal intervention.

2. If a formal intervention is recommended, we will assist the family through the process, including: having the family write impact statements - a strategic letter that we will assist you in writing and editing for maximum effectiveness. At this stage, we will also determine the appropriate level of care for the loved one (inpatient, outpatient, etc.) and find a place for the loved one to receive treatment.

3. Pre-Intervention is a rehearsal of the intervention with the family prior to intervening on the loved one. This offers the opportunity to practice, as well as discuss feelings that are coming up during this time.

4. The intervention. We will guide the intervention and give directives to the participants as needed. We will also assist with transporting the loved one to treatment (if going to an inpatient facility)

5. Post-Intervention: we will process the outcome of the intervention with the family and what next steps are appropriate for the family and the loved one.

6. On-going therapy for the entire family. Once a loved one gets treatment, the "problem" is not "solved." A family must continue to keep the conversation going and work to mend wounds, as well as create new patterns.

Because of the time and effort that goes into intervention work, they are more expensive than traditional counseling and we do not offer a sliding scale fee for this service.

An initial 90 minute consultation for intervention services is $250.